We’re jealous. When it comes to U.S. sneaker events, you can expect Jordans, Nikes, and a few more Jordans and we can only dream of having an event as diverse as Solemart, Berlin’s recent sneaker event. As you can see from the photo’s below, just about every brand has been covered by each table and most shoes featured are far from recent releases. Peep the rest of the photos below and let us know via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you would like to see U.S. sneaker events look more like these.

solemart-berlin-recap-event_14 solemart-berlin-recap-event_12 solemart-berlin-recap-event_11 solemart-berlin-recap-event_07 solemart-berlin-recap-event_10 solemart-berlin-recap-event_03 solemart-berlin-recap-event_03 solemart-berlin-recap-event_04 solemart-berlin-recap-event_06 solemart-berlin-recap-event_09 solemart-berlin-recap-event_08 solemart-berlin-recap-event_05 solemart-berlin-recap-event_02



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