air-jordan-2-ii-retro-black-chrome-1The Air Jordan 2 had it’s magnificent run in recent years, first with a few OG colorways and Don C collaborations. The Air Jordan 2 “Black Chrome” could also see it’s return next year.
Year Released: 2004


air-jordan-10-shadowOne of the most underrated Air Jordan 10’s in the series, the Air Jordan 10 “Shadow” last debuted in the Air Jordan CDP set. We saw the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” and “Double Nickel” release just a few years apart. We could be seeing the Air Jordan 10 “Shadow” re-release with the 45 as well, much like the Air Jordan 10 PE Michael Jordan wore.
Year Released: 1994


  1. no oxy or indiglo?? really?? space jams are great thou! too early. lets see real pics of the 72 wins first thou!

  2. I’d love to see the Black Cat 4’s return, too! Hopefully they hold off on the space Jams mids, and release the lows next year. I’d like to see the mids released on the 23rd anniv of the model. By then, the price will be $250 and/or up. The release lines have shrunk drastically around me due to the remastered price increase. Black and Brown parents don’t even show with their kids anymore. Loving the new scene. Easy cops left and right now.

  3. Can people stop fucking pushing for shit that’s already dropped a million times and get shit from fucking 15-20 to drop, geez man they waste all these fucking material on shit that just gets hyped for months then sits on shelves or gets sold out and resold for 20 dollars on top of retail smh, I need some fucking 16s man. Tired of all this other shit they “think” people want

  4. What are 16s lol. People generally only want 1-14. Would be a waste of production, marketing to even do any Jordan’s after 14. They would probably just sit on the shelves at the store. This upcoming year SPACE JAM Dec 2016 and 5 Metallic, please!


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