This Year’s 2K13 video game will feature some past and present NBA players, including the Dream Team which was long over due. Luckily, we’ve reached the 20th anniversary of the original Dream Team, meaning we’ll be seeing 11 of the original players in the upcoming video game. However, don’t expect Pippen to be part of this Dream Team as he’s been cut off due to legal reasons. Let us know if you’re looking forward to this game! Via NBA 2K

  • Sam_NoIAm

    This definitely no shocker and I was hoping that they would put them in the game too

  • Sam_NoIAm

    They need more shoes though

  • Sam_NoIAm

    Barkley finally in the game now though

  • Guest360

    How the gonna put my nigga Jordan in the back row?

  • Robocop

    fuck is scottie at?

  • Michael

    This has to be the worst graphics ive ever seen on 2k since 2007, wow wtf happened??