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Yeezus season appears to have meant much more than a few unorthodox music video screenings and an album release, as we see Kanye once again steal the spotlight in 2013, this time with the detailed images of his collaboration with French powerhouse A.P.C. finally reaching the blogosphere.  We reported a few weeks ago that Kanye had hinted at a collab with A.P.C., and it’s exciting to see that it has actually come to fruition. Featuring a little more than we were originally told, this capsule collection is comprised of two simple, long sleeve hoodies, two “Hip Hop” T-shirts, two different pairs of jeans (something A.P.C. is famous for) and an interesting, short-sleeve hoody unlike anything you could find at your local Old Navy. The collection falls in line with Kanye’s love for fashion as well as his ever increasing interest in minimalistic styling, and proves to be a relatively practical offering from the man infamous for crowning himself a god. These items are available now via A.P.C. but we’ll keep you tuned on how to find these in days to come as this release will almost certainly sell out instantly. Complete Capsule Collection After The Jump.

kanye-a.p.c.-capsule collection 2013-images_03 kanye-a.p.c.-capsule collection 2013-images_02 kanye-a.p.c.-capsule collection 2013-images_04 kanye-a.p.c.-capsule collection 2013-images_05 kanye-a.p.c.-capsule collection 2013-images_06


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