adidas is keeping up with their promise to use 100% recycled materials by 2024. To help throughout the journey, the brand has accumulated a series of collaborations that aid in the mission. The latest is a running shoe created in partnership with Allbirds.

Named the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT, the running shoe has a carbon footprint of less than 3kg. The duo constructed a performance shoe with combines riveting technology with modern design. It features 63% less emissions than other silhouettes. Not only does it have a timeless appearance, the design teams put in as much time as possible with a process that took 12 months. After a year of trial and error, the result is a sleek silhouette with only enough material as needed.

The upper uses 70% recycled polyester – which is at least 20% more than the adidas PRIMEBLUE – and 30% natural wood pulp Tencel. Allbirds gives the shoe its own treatment with sugarcane-based SweetFoam®. adidas reimagines its LIGHTSTRIKE-cushioning for a lightweight, natural base that doesn’t compromise the wearer’s efficiency and speed. Weighing in at 2.94kg of CO2e, the result is a light-as-a-feather, performance-driven shoe.

The FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT will see an initial launch with an 100-pair raffle open now on the adidas app. An additional 10,000 pairs will release this fall/winter, followed by a wider release in Spring/Summer 2022. Try for an early pair through adidas Creators Club.


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