Today, adidas announced its multi-year partnership with the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory to explore the boundaries of product innovation, human performance, and sustainability. The partnership will pursue breakthroughs to improve future design and engineering for athletes on and off Earth.

The initial phase of the partnership focuses on product innovation, making adidas the first brand to ever test footwear innovation in the extreme conditions of space. adidas’ BOOST technology will be tested without the distraction of gravity, which could influence the performance and comfort of existing models and enhance innovation of new products.

adidas soccer balls delivered by the NASA-contracted SpaceX CRS-18 cargo mission earlier this year have been tested in a series of experiments aimed to extend understanding of flight characteristics beyond an Earth-based wind tunnel. Depth in spherical aerodynamics will enable more design freedom for panel shape and texture.

In future phases, adidas also plans to research elements such as human performance and sustainability while leveraging the space station. Insights from the strenuous physical training regimen developed for astronauts to endure the harshest of conditions could also allow adidas to apply potential learnings to athletes.

Check out the video below and visit for more information.


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