As you may or may not know (depending on whether or not you live or don’t live under a rock) the Olympics are currently taking place in Mother Russia, and as they have done since 1984, adidas have once again outfitted the Great Britain Olympians with some impressive garments, and the variety is quite wide this year. These aren’t easy to find but can be found at adidas Performance store as well as Oxford Street in London.

adidas-britain-olympics_07 adidas-britain-olympics_08 adidas-britain-olympics_02 adidas-britain-olympics_04 adidas-britain-olympics_05 adidas-britain-olympics_06 adidas-britain-olympics_09 adidas-britain-olympics_10 adidas-britain-olympics_11 adidas-britain-olympics_12 adidas-britain-olympics_13 adidas-britain-olympics_14 adidas-britain-olympics_15 adidas-britain-olympics_16 adidas-britain-olympics_17 adidas-britain-olympics_18 adidas-britain-olympics_19 adidas-britain-olympics_20 adidas-britain-olympics

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