Last Week, Modern Notoriety gave you heads up on a slew of retro’s releasing next Spring and now, we’re starting to come across a few samples that give us a first look at what we can expect.  The Air Jordan 1 Red – White – Black or “Bulls”, last released in 1994 and with 2013 becoming an important year for the Air Jordan 1, Jordan Brand has decided to bring the classic shoe back for a 2nd retro return. However, don’t expect Nike Air to be on this classic, You’ll have to settle with the Jumpman but that’s okay considering that these haven’t seen the light of day for over 15 years. Will you be purchasing these? Let us know. Via Niketalk

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  1. The shoe ppl JB & Nike are a motherfucka, how much anybody bet that when they start to release the AJ 3,4,5,6 with the Nike air on the back they’re going to charge close to 200 and you the quality is going to terrible and they going to release them in limited quantities . But they give them to celebrities for free so when a person who really doesn’t even care abt shoes they see the celebrity so now they want them but you over pricing this product and your only releasing limited quantities . Makes no since

    • It seems stupid from a consumer stand point but actually Nike / JB are geniuses because they know how people feel when they rockin some J’s or a nice clean pair of nikes. It’s psychographics … plus adding the fact that they are limited and extremely sought after especially in the black community where they are as popular a Christ . Nike / JB pretty much have the shoe game on lock and don’t give a shit about quality when people like us continue to buy the product. It makes sense spend less on product and charge more. Nike/JB know how to market.

  2. Might cop if I can get my hands on em. Why people get all emotional over kicks? That’s gotta fucking suck.


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