Jordan Brand is brewing up a series of Air Jordan 1’s inspired by some of the most iconic retro’s and colorways from the Jordan Library. It’s the Anniversary of the Air Jordan 1 which explains the plethora of Hybrids releasing this year, like January’s Air Jordan 13 x 1, Bugs Bunny 8 x 1 and today’s colorway, inspired by the Air Jordan 4 Bred. The colorway sports a speckled wing, red sole and black nubuck, with a net side panel. Let us know how you feel about this hybrid!


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  • issdutchhh

    wtf is this ma nigga

  • issdutchhh

    even if someone gives me tentyhundred dollars im not rocking these

    • MayorMcCheeze

      WTF is “tentyhundred”…dudes is making up they own currency lmao. dumba**

      • issdutchhh

        @MayorMcCheeze I did that on purpose fucktard

        • MayorMcCheeze

          @issdutchhh soooo you pretended to retarded on purpose? Lol nice dumba**

        • issdutchhh

          @MayorMcCheeze  @issdutchhh Bruh you’re corny as fuck.

  • Whoa. I took one of those this morning. Then flushed.

  • Cop and Ball 33

    I honestly can not imagine a shoe that looks more fake than this

  • das3600

    No, just no. This is an insult to both the Bred IV and classic I.