You’ve gotta appreciate the art of taking apart a deadstock sneaker and turning it into a masterpiece. Freehand profit is one of those individuals who cares more for the art than the shoe itself. Today, he brings us another gas mask and this time he uses the Air Jordan 10 ‘Chicago’ as the main theme of the shoe. Everything from the sole to the laces are used on this gas mask, and there’s plenty more details which you can peep after the jump.

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  1. This guy wasted 2 pairs of 10s?! He only keeps doing because theres actually an ass hats out there who buy these gas masks off him for easily over $1200

  2. Yall niggaz clearly hatin cuz he can take apart 2 pairs for fun and y’all niggaz ain’t even got one pair to rock

  3. I don’t even like the 10’s but I feel that this is overly stupid. People probably died over this shoe and you decide to waste it and make something you’ll never wear. Not to be rude but I hope youre in a gas related situation and it doesn’t work.


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