Hype or Realness? Last Week, the Air Jordan 11 “Blackout” hit headlines across the Sneaker World as it became an instant hit with Jordan Heads. The Black Air Jordan 11 or “Blackout, was definitely something Jordan Brand should’ve considered as the Hype for the Air Jordan 11 has been taking over the past few years. Let us know if you’d pay $11k for this Air Jordan 11 and check out

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  1. OMG a jordan 11 that took $12 too make being sold for 11k OH YES!!!!!!!!! everyone who bid on this shoe is a follower

  2. Wow the things broke n****s say because they dont have the money for them. Get a life and get out yo mommas crib

  3. 11K gone.

    He's most likely end up putting them back on eBay with a $1,000 BIN pricetag, where they won't sell.

    He'll cry for a week straight, then post em for $500 BIN or Make An Offer, just as…..

    JB releases them as GR's for $160.00 lmfao.

    Then this dude will lace em up for his jump off the side of the Golden Gate bridge, where they'll sink into their final watery grave.


  4. All I wanna know is what lucky moron it was. 11,000 or 111,000 he is a pure tool….. bet it was probably Rick Ross he blows money as if he has old money.

  5. fresh, i just put a pair of JORDAN CEMENT 4s on ebay…size 10.5… no im not taxing… but bidding has started

    ebay acount ShoeGameElite2010… i also posted a vidof them up on youtube channel ShoeGameElite


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