Stores are starting to get their Bred 11’s this week and to huge surprise, we won’t be getting the special box like the previous Air Jordan 11 releases. However, you still get the cool plastic cap that sports XI on top and small texts that reads “Mike made them Fly”.  Those who want to wait for these can expect them on December 21st, 2012 at a retail price of $185. But if you’d like them just a few weeks early, You Can Buy them Now

Air Jordan XI Retro
Black/Varsity Red-White

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  1. There is no slide box this year because of a factory error where they made a bunch of normal boxes so they just stuck to the normal boxes for the release

    • @boodle81 stfu, there is no slide box because the slide box costs twice as much to produce probably and they figured you hypebeasts would by em anyway so why waste the time/money, especially when they can put out some cheesy excuse about a “factory error”, and you dummies will eat it up on a silver platter.. lastly, i hear their still might be slide boxes but i doubt it

      • Shut your dumb ass up. You talkin like a str8 “hypebeast”  you idiot. They didnt produce the usual XI box cause it was easily spottable as the specific XI pair  and people was gettin robbed as soon as the box was spotted. Do your research you dumb fuck. Oh na you cant cause u dont got that inside connect……Hypebeast….LOL!!!!

        • @SoHiImEatnStarz firstly, you sound mad hurt, let that soak in for a minute “LOL!!!” goofy faggot, the only people getting robbed for some fuckin shoes, are pushover newjack faggots like you, how old are you buddy, 16? you and yancy need to go have more pissin matches about whos got more swag…. goofy fuckboy

        • @Snpdo dumbass I don’t think you can even read written expressions lmao! Step your education as well as ya shoe game up kid…..Lol bitch I’m old enough to b ur father little fuck boy ass bitch! So tone ur shit down before I take off my belt n beat the shit out u when you get home. Remember though….don’t disturb me while I’m fuckin your moms cause then she gonna whip ya ass too. Bitch kill yourself trien talk shit on here. Broke back mountain ass fuck boy shouting out faggot. You would though lol only fags shout out the word fag….you just failed on your come back. So kill that shit cause you mad I told ya moms not to buy you kicks….LMAO!!! Bitch!

      • @Snpdo  @boodle81 How are you going to tell me stfu when I clearly said there wasn’t going to be a slide out box, I’m just repeating what I heard and I don’t even want the breds so you can’t call me a “hypebeast” man keyboard gladiators I swear.


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