When’s the last time you laid eyes on an original pair of Icy Air Jordans? Not many of us can say we have and for the Majority that haven’t, rest assure that these are by far the Iciest pair yet. Available now on Ebay is an Original Pair of Air Jordan 11 ‘Columbia’ (s) that have been kept in the best condition yet. The 11’s are in pristine condition with no yellowing at all on the uppers, tongue and sole. You’ll never see a pair like this ever again so if you’re into the originals and want to get your hands on them, You can purchase them Now

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  1. 2nd favorite xi behind space jam, this is the only og colorway I’ve never owned! I hope these drop 2013 as close to og form as possible, I mean the newer icy soles aren’t much different than these were back in 96

  2. Next thing you know the buyer opens the box and their all yellow and realizes that they where photoshoped!!..lol

  3. How did these not yellow at all? My DS Concords from last year has mild yellowing, and these shits are like 15 years old WTF???????

  4. I think that's the reason they haven't retroed the Columbias yet. My 2011 Concords started yellowing after 3 months and never being tried on. My 2001 Columbias turned brown with cream pat after 3-5 wears (over 11 years).These in 2012-2013 would yellow before they were shipped from China.


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