Known as one of the more subtle silhouette’s from Jordan’s signature lineup, the Air Jordan II appears that it once had a wild side to it. Featuring a Night Shade bluish/green upper various speckles have planted throughout multiple parts of the sneaker. Accents of what appears to be volt green have also been implemented creating a nice contrast and one of the best non-OG colorways we have seen for the Jordan II in a long time. These most likely will never release so keep your eyes peeled on eBay for these to pop up.

air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-07-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-01-570x425 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-03-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-04-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-05-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-08-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-09-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-19-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-21-570x379 air-jordan-2-night-shade-sample-10-570x379


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