The Year of the Dragon releases aren’t over yet as we still have the Air Jordan 2012 lined up for February 25th. To many, The Year of the Dragon is considered to be the luckiest sign in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. With that said, Jordan Brand wanted to make sure that the AJ 2012 YOTD was special. During MJ’s career turning point in the 1992 gold run in Barcelona, he wore the number nine, perhaps unaware of its significance in Chinese culture as both the largest-possible single digit and the symbol of the emperor. This is why Nine-Dragon Walls, found in imperial Chinese palaces and gardens, are so important. The AJ 2012 YOTD, in turn, pulls cues from these walls and their Azure Dragons into its color scheme.

Just as MJ was seemingly everywhere on the court and ruled the air, the Azure Dragon’s supernatural powers allowed it to shape shift and fly among the clouds. Dragon images grace the tongue of the AJ 2012 YOTD’s low-cut innersleeve and the ankle-strap of the high-cut one. In addition, Chinese characters on the medial side of the upper spell “Azure Dragon” and its ‘pearlized’ material also draws inspiration from the mythical beast.

The AJ 2012 YOTD is a Deluxe release, equipped with both innersleeves and all three cushioning systems. It also includes special YOTD packaging inspired by the symbolic red and gold envelopes traditionally handed out during Chinese holidays.
Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with us when this limited colorway hits shelves on February 25.

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