What happens when your sister marries MJ? You get some pretty awesome perks. Carlos Prieto, owner of Solefly and Sister of MJ’s wife, showed off a pair of Air Jordan 3 88’s sporting the Black Cement colorway. These were originally set to release to pair up with the White Cement 88’s but were scrapped in 2013. Could we be expecting a remastered version of the AJ 3 88′ BC next year? Let us know if you’d like to see these release.


  1. They really should have done the two in a pack, but now I’m just hoping they release at all! If they do, it’s a must-cop for me.

  2. The FAKES out there has the elephant print on the heel SUPER HIGH cut making the part under the “AIR” sit high af

  3. Maybe it’s just me but the shape of the 88s was weird and killed it for me. Not sure about the quality but I thought from a silhouette standpoint the Retro’s had it.


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