What happens when your sister marries MJ? You get some pretty awesome perks. Carlos Prieto, owner of Solefly and Sister of MJ’s wife, showed off a pair of Air Jordan 3 88’s sporting the Black Cement colorway. These were originally set to release to pair up with the White Cement 88’s but were scrapped in 2013. Could we be expecting a remastered version of the AJ 3 88′ BC next year? Let us know if you’d like to see these release.

  • andrich2k

    They really should have done the two in a pack, but now I’m just hoping they release at all! If they do, it’s a must-cop for me.

  • DREW

    Helllll yes

  • K3V24


  • Youngty

    only real ppair out lol i remember all these early websites were selling fakes

  • td1gz

    The FAKES out there has the elephant print on the heel SUPER HIGH cut making the part under the “AIR” sit high af

  • Jay Brodes

    count me in!!! i am all in on these..for now….i will take the black cement sport blue!!

  • Randy

    Maybe it’s just me but the shape of the 88s was weird and killed it for me. Not sure about the quality but I thought from a silhouette standpoint the Retro’s had it.

  • OG Jays

    A “remastered” or non-remastered pair would be copped on sight.

  • KingDreadlock Radcliffe

    I’m copping em no doubt

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