Ever seen a custom done so well that it looks like it might be an actual release? Custom company Freaker Sneaks didn’t make us think twice with their Air Jordan x Sony Playstation 4 creation that surfaced last week. The company re-did an entire Air Jordan 4 and added the PS4 Logo on the heel, USB Ports, and gave it a full on black upper. However, if Jordan Brand ended up collaborating with Sony, Would you scoop these up? Let us know!





Source: Freaker Sneaks

  • FranklinAdrian

    esta way increíble espwro q lo agais

  • bnasty71175

    Hell yea I would

  • Kashmere lovinthenewme

    Hell yeah

  • Kashmere lovinthenewme

    Yes yes

  • Ozuna23

    Yess! Marv Albert voice.