Could Jordan Brand be collaborating with Sony on a limited run of Playstation 4 themed Air Jordan 4’s? Seen here are a few photos of an apparent pack consisting of a PS4 and an All Black Air Jordan 4 Retro featuring USB’s on the heel. We all know about Nike’s Air Force 1 collaboration with Sony a few years back, so could we expect something with Jordan Brand soon? Let us know your thoughts on this pack.





  1. This is so lame… why would anyone buy these? It just screams out that you’re a loser fanboy. And that goes for any console, if you were to wear Xbox or Wii jordans as well, you would be equally guilty of being a loser fanboy.

  2. hate to break it to you guys it’s just a fan made custom not an actual jordan brand x ps4 colab. just a pair of cement grey 4’s painted!

  3. Talk about brands. Shiiet you could not be more of a sheep if you tried. Might as well walk around with a bunch of celebrity cut outs from slut magazines taped to your shirt. I wouldn’t be surprised if I just made something tools who like this would actually buy.

  4. I was hoping they were real but you can see where the jump man was shaved off behind the “PS4” and I’m assuming an official piece would have been molded


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