May 7th 1989, 5th game of the Eastern Conference First Round against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Michael Jordan made history as he scored the last point over Cleveland Cavalier, Craig Ehlo. The moment, also known as “The Shot”, became one of Jordan’s greatest clutch moments in his career. To pay homage to “The Shot”, Jordan Brand releases a Cleveland Cavalier HWC colorway that is set as a quickstrike for 2012. Let us know if you’ll be copping “The Shot” Air Jordan 4. Via Mental Kicks

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  1. Makes a little more sense as a Cavs colorway. If I walked in and saw them I'd grab them, but not going out of my way to get them.

  2. no thanks pass ugly Cw and you can totally tell they crease xtra quick on EVERY single picture ive seen of them there always crease on the net… pass

  3. @mikeey

    It refers to a (limited quantity) a certain number of releases will be out for public, but maybe if not mistaken… sometimes the shoes it self won't be at other retailers where you usually buy from…

    Hope this helps.

  4. ^^^ Yes…quick strike, for all intents and purposes means more difficult to get. Limited, unlike a general release.

  5. This CW looks like a fake from them china websites. Horrible iMO, of course everyone will go crazy over em though. *shrugs*

  6. You Guys Are Crazy, I'm an ex-Jordan fanatic.. I've slowed down on jays and moved to Nike Basketball, but i have to say.. THIS is the type of shoe that jordan needs to consistently make to stop people from leaving the jordan game.. i saw these once and was in love.. soo idgaf , im copping !


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