After Months of waiting, Early releases, Pre-Orders and what ever else comes with an insane release like this one, the Air Jordan 4 Retro White / Cement Grey releases in less than 24 hours. Last released in 1999, lot’s of new comers began looking for this retro between 1999 and 2012. However, you cant compare the 1999 version to the 2012 release considering the fact that it featured Nike Air on the Heel and we’ll probably never see that again. But if you want to save yourself from paying a few extra hundred and cracked soles, tomorrow’s release is definitely something you should consider. Take a final look at the Air Jordan 4 Retro White / Cement Grey provided by Harajuku.

Air Jordan 4
White/Black-Cement Grey

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  1. @Executive you're not lying man. These cats go to release days trying to rock recent sh!t like they killing it, but you can always tell a true sneakerhead from a poser…..rare heat! I might have to dig in the closet for some stuff these little boys haven't seen yet. I already have the 99, 2012 now I'll hit the line in the morning to cop a 3rd

  2. FINALLY! yes the stupid ridiculous hype on these can die! take it to the field and kill all this hype already! damn…i love the caption "final look" thank you GOD…now all you wannabe 15-20 yr old wannabe sneakerheads can #kill the noise… by the way MN…love how you dont over hype shoes like other sites..&& keep it original.props

  3. Just sayin that not all of us young sneakerheads are hypebeasts or only have recent kicks, i actually have memories with some of these shoes and know the history behind the majority of them , its not cool to generalize every young person

  4. mikeey, i see where your coming from 100% but …. is right. idk about you but when you live in a big city like nyc it is so easy to pluck out the hypebeasts. one way is seeing them wearing a beat pair of j's that just came out last month. im 20 and have been collecting since i was 14 and never was a hypebeast, sneakers were just embedded in my dna when i was born

  5. people always knock younger sneakerhead…i thought it was bout the love of the shoe or the game of basketball …we wasnt around for the ogs


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