In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, the Air Jordan 4 “White Cement” is releasing tomorrow morning. The Cement IV’s are being retro’d for the first time since 1999, and 2012 marks the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan IV. This colorway of the Air Jordan IV is one of the most popular ones, and it might be a long time before they retro again. Pick these up tomorrow for $160 retail. You can also save yourself the troubles of camping out, wasting gas and so forth, by copping them early. Buy Air Jordan 4 White / Cement Early Here

Air Jordan 4
White/Black-Cement Grey

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  1. It's safe to say the HypeBeasts are suddenly everywhere. My low-low spot, which never ever has anybody in line, had about 10 people in line at 6am (store opens at 9:30am) this morning. I didn't even bother bc this spot never gets more than a couple pair in each size. I went to my backup spot, got there 2 hours b4 they opened, and was second in line. Of course the dude in front of me wears the same size as me. For a release like this, I've never had issues getting 2 pair. Been doing it with ease for years. It's difficult now, where did all these new shoe buyers come from? Anyhow, I'm happy with my one pair; i had the OG IV when I was in 6th grade (1989), so this release brought back some memories. After the bred IV, i'm retiring…this game is watered down now

  2. I completely agree ^^. The sneaker game has forever changed. Kids were not even alive when these came out, never saw MJ play (except on youtube,DVD etc.) and pretending they know what the fuck is up. I am relieved to say its over for me. Spent the past 12 hrs trying to get a pair and I'm actually embarrassed. Screw waiting for the Bred IV to retire, I'm done. Keeping my fuckin' money.

  3. fresh, i just put a pair of JORDAN CEMENT 4s on ebay…size 10.5… no im not taxing… but bidding has started

    ebay acount ShoeGameElite2010… i also posted a vidof them up on youtube channel ShoeGameElite

  4. My spot had reseller since 10am the night before. Then they were trying to sell the kicks they walked out of the store with for 310+ I'm so over this now a days fool need to find really job rather than waiting 15-24 hrs for 140 bucks…smh I rather pay one of the big name chain reseller than these jokes.

  5. I only cop retros like this if the older retros crack from couple wears. I couldn't get a pair because everyone wants to buy and sell. It's a shame

  6. Got these by going to FNL an hour before the store opened. No camping needed. MIND YOU, I was 32nd in line. Oh and I saved $20 bucks! Haha.

  7. @brennanizm listen my friend im at were your at in my jordan game been collecting since 1987 and its been nothing but love…i loved beeing a sneakerhead man…i mean when i would go get me a pair of any it would always be me and some true jordan lovers now its just some 15-20year old wannabe sneakerheads who have no idea who jordan is or what the man has done…SMH its disgusting…the shoegame is so f-d up…now its just about "everybody likes em…so i gotta get em!" its nothing what it once was…and the internet is partly to blame with all the post after post hyping shoes up…#kill the hype…


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