Born and raised in west Philadelphia, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air brought over his love of Jordan’s to the posh lifestyle of the west coast upper class. You could tune into the show daily and catch him wearing a different set of Jays — a true sneakerhead to the core. Will Smith was influential on the 90’s generation for being a positive role model but he also made all the kids jealous of his footwear in the process. Many of us have him to thank for our addictions as we’ve grown, and Jordan Brand probably owes him millions in what was actually free advertising.

In honor of the Prince’s dedication to the Jumpman, JB is planning a Holiday drop for a “Bel-Air” pack that will consist of the latest installment in the CP3 line, the Air Jordan XX8, and the Air Jordan 5. The AJ5 was one of Will’s favorite silhouettes and he rocked them often, so suffice it to say we expect big things. No confirmed design details but envision a 90’s themed multi-color print to be part of the final detailing.


  1. will rocked some sick jay’s during the show!! he loved the penny too! remember him rocking the columbia’s..i was like wow! i think that was the final season!


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