Samples that were scheduled for the previous year, usually leak a year from the actual production date and being that 2011 was the year of the Air Jordan 5, You had to expect a few scrapped colorways. Seen here is an Air Jordan 5 Retro featuring an all black theme with little white accents on the tongue and 23. The midsole was also blacked out, along with the tongue and upper. Could this have been a replacement for the Metallic 5? Possibly. Most Air Jordan 5 fans wouldn’t mind an all black 5 to release, but would you cop if dropped? Let us know. Via @Artaphax


  1. looks good althrough new 5s got that slim ass profile in the back that looks like shit, not to mention weaker tongues as well

  2. I hate that nubuck they used for the five and I wish they put the Nike on the back I think that’s the reason y I only wore my pair of Metallic 5’s only once


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