The custom game has been getting serious lately, with make ups that look almost like actual colorways. El Cappy has created some of the most amazing colorways to date and he’s just getting started for 2012. One of his newest creations along with the “Krueger” Air Jordan 6, is this Black Cement inspired AJ 6 custom, that features a black upper, cement accents and even a grey color on the low tongue material. See the Air Jordan 6 “Black Cement” Custom after the Jump!


  1. I don't care what yall say. They still Stupid Fresh… So what if its off a lil bit… It's hand painted…

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  2. These are dope but there's so many other dope customs out there that have nothing to do with Jordans. Seems like these blogs nowadays don't show love to sneaker artists unless it's a custom some on a pair of J's or the 859,247th South Beach colorway flip. There's so much out there that people don't see cause all these sites are showcasing the same stuff over and over.

  3. Uncle Mark kinda nailed it….but it's hard to "blame" a website for showcasing info they know's gonna get commented on and not just ingored….not saying that's what you were implying, just sayin'……

    Regardless, the work put into these is fuckin' insane….that G-Shock's NICE…..


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