Last week’s highlight of the week, was the first image of the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic”, that is set to release in July. Now we have another image, that displays the tumbled leather that will be used on this years version. Although the midsole has changed a bit, this Air Jordan 6 colorway will still purchased by fans that have been waiting over 10 years, for this special colorway. Via solefly

Air Jordan 6 Retro
White / Midnight Navy – Varsity Red


  1. The change really bothers me. Couldn't they have changed something else on them. It almost looks like a whole different shoe to me. I might have to pass if that is the final product. This coming from someone who has been waiting for these for years

  2. I will get these. I'm not gonna sit here and complain about a minor detail change. They just reversed the midsole. I'm not gonna be one of those people that say they won't cop because of this and that, and then cop anyways.

  3. Gunna have to re-paint the midsole cuz that ruins the whole thing.. Final retro my favorite shoe and they tweak it… For what reason?

  4. stop all the complaining…the change is not that big of a deal…they only changed the midsole which is the point of a RETRO! the 1965 mustang does not look like the 2011

  5. Some of you moaners got some huge problems. Just get the midsole painted if it's that big of a deal. No better yet….please don't purchase. It's already going to be hard enough to cop.

  6. I need more pictures to see if i like it more or less then the 2000 pair but either way i like it and will get it. and will these have a bluish sole like last years concords?

  7. @dahero1017 then dont buy them….no retro is exactly the same as an OG…if you think like that then that means you basically have not bought any retros…but im sure you are going to buy these you just have to bitch about something. oh and yes this is the final product..the midsole is reversed…

  8. sick of everyone complaining about "puffy laces" VIs are NOT supposed to have godamn puffy laces!

  9. Dukeofearl – Everyone is entitled to their own fucking opinion. I don't see why it's such a big deal to you what I think. Like I said if this the final product I won't buy. I don't see why you fucking people are always upset for no fucking reason SMH

  10. These don't even look like the 00' Olympics just my opinion plz don't judge but right now I'm hopping they fix the midsole like they did with the 4's cuz if not these are goin to be garbage that doesn't look anything like the og's so for now this is a pass-_-

  11. Honestly…I think the midsole paint switch makes it look dope. It's really no different than the Carmine color blocking/scheme.

  12. Everyone says they aren't copping… but then on release day they are doubling up. The change sucks, but get over it. It's like the Cement 4s. I LOVE that shoe and ya they changed it but it's still a nice shoe. Same deal here.

  13. This is such a major change. Yes retro's are supposed to have changes, but this has to be the most drastic to date. Plus, they are upping the price so you end up getting a worse quality/different colorway for more money. Have you seen the Chicago's?

  14. they changed the midsole!?!?! my life is over!! I cant believe they changed something so small like that and it affects how I feel deep inside!! how could JB do something like this!! The midsole is the only thing that matters to me!! This change on the midsole is HUGE! its the one thing that will change whether I buy it or not!! … seriously.. you guys sound like girls. they changed about 5% of the shoe. big deal. a shoes midsole changing shouldn't give you a heart attack. most people here probably dont even own the OGs. I don't. But i'll cop my first olympic 6 regardless of changes.

  15. @dukeofearl yes retros are supposed have changes like using different material and stuff, but not switching the color around like the chicago 10s.


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