Several years ago in a Sole Collector magazine, a photo of Gentry holding a pair of sample DMP VI’s was spotted in issue 27. The samples sported the alternate colorway of the release DMP VI of White / Gold. And now with the colorway of the Air Jordan VI for the Oly Pack announced, we can only imagine how the VI in that pack will look like. According to sources, the colorway for the Air Jordan 6 will be White / Metallic Gold and nothing comes to mind but this sample Air Jordan VI, that features the same color as the description. How many of you would prefer these to release? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. That would be good..with the 7 rumored to be black amd gold..the white snd gold 6 would be the perfect match for the 7 if it is that colorway..

  2. just white and gold i think it should be white black and silver cuz sliver look better wit the icy soles, and besides it sound like a quickstrike and the 7's already gon be black and gold.

  3. White/Gold 6's nope can't do them . Why wont they release pack I been saying . Air Jordan 9 " Orlando " (Penny's PE) with Air Jordan 10 (Nick Anderson's PE) retail 310 . Str8 like dat !

  4. i still like the black ones better, but the gold placement on the midsole of these would be better than that of the blacks


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