Phase2 is an OG when it comes to samples that have never seen the light of day and today, He gives us a look at an Air Jordan 7 White – Red – Black Sample that has never released.Originally planned to be part of the Countdown Pack,  This Air Jordan 7 (VII) was scrapped and was replaced by the ‘Hare’ VII. The 7 features a white upper, Red, Black and Grey accents. Via Phase2x

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  • Chris

    god damn those are clean

  • Prince Patrick II

    Simple and Clean!

  • Marcus

    Much rather have these then orions…

  • Diana

    Wow can those look any more fresh?

  • Marcus

    damnnn i wantt these to release. I would cop

  • Jordan_critic

    What? Are you stupid? Of course they are better than the orions you imbeslic nave, any pair of jordans are better than the orions, not to take away from these, but the orions are one of the very many mistakes Jb has been making lately. But these would have been magnificent in the countdown package! Would have, could have, should have…..sorry mike but this proves that you have been losing your toch for a while now.

  • oathlok

    needs more black, their definitely not all that, and quality is shit! good that they didn't release!

  • atl-sneakerkorean

    the hare VII are def better than these

  • AJ

    Blk on the sole like the cardinals would make these FRESHER!

  • mike

    These look like some fake Jordans off A fake website . Glad these didn't release

    I dnt know why ppl hate on the Orion's … its actually a nice colorway