Asics continues to make it’s presence known in the footwear industry and their latest concept might have you jump out of your seat.


Perhaps inspired by Hender Scheme’s $500 Air Jordan 4 concept, comes an Asics Version featuring a full on vegetable tanned leather upper. The 300 pair limited model was made in Japan and will retail for $500. The outsole is made up of the signature Asics Gel cushioning as opposed Henderscheme’s wood version, and is finished with a gum sole. Is this a potential sneaker for your rotation? Let us know in the comments section.




Source: Complex


  1. Sneaker prices are out-of-control, Asics being the accept ion and are pretty reasonable. Jordan Brand obviously, with $700 packs needs to realize that the average ‘murican is what built the foundation of the empire they now have (not resellers). Also I’m a major fan of new balance especially when they employ American workers I believe around 1300, but for some odd reason, they seem to charge exorbitant prices for their best colorways. I know a good chunk of new balance are high-quality and made in USA/GB but geez some or most are between $200 and $300 price range. Somethings got to change, at least some of those new balances occasionally go on sell. But I don’t understand when new balance puts out a dope forest green/ turquoise model and charges $75 premium over the basic Grey (and it’s the same EXACT model. I digress. Dunno. Don’t get it.


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