Naked & Famous Denim is set to release their latest capsule collection, this time taking on the world of Batman in collaboration with DC Comics.

The collection features five custom-milled Japanese denim fabrics inspired by characters from the Batman universe: 1966 Batman & Robin Dynamic Duo, the Dark Knight himself Batman, Bane, Harley Quinn, and of course, The Joker. Each of the five fabrics is used for jeans, while Batman and Joker also get their own denim jackets.

Each style is distinctive and features iconography unique to each character with custom buttons, embroidery, as well as highly detailed embossed leather patches. The Bane denim, for example, is a burly black on black 16oz Japanese Stretch Selvedge with neon green pumping through the selvedge ID. The Harley Quinn denim, on the other hand, is a lighter 12 oz black and red.

Check out Naked & Famous x Batman webpage for a detailed look at each pant and jacket as well as a list of retailers. The collection drops in parts, starting with the Bane Selvedge on November 20th, followed by Harley Quinn on November 27th, Batman on December 18th, Batman & Robin on January 15th, and Joker on February 26th.


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