been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_09

Hat gods met in hypebeast heaven, and the result is this collab between Been Trill and SSUR. These two graphic letter based entities forged a great pairing, and the three caps that have resulted are sure to be a hot sell. Though these may seem hyped, if you’re a fan of either entity these are definitely the must-cops from either brand. Your summer hats are probably pretty sweaty by now, so by the time these bad boys drop you’ll be ready for something fresh. The Been Trill x SSUR collection will be available via the SSUR online store in the near future. More photos after the jump.

been trill-ssur-starter-snapback been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_08 been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_07 been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_06 been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_05 been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_04 been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_03 been trill-ssur-starter-snapback_02


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