BrandBlack is making waves with their latest release of the J. Crossover II along with some amazing sport-inspired clothing. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the extremely comfortable J. Crossover II along with some of BrandBlack’s latest gear and we were not disappointed. Detailing down to the last stitch has been accounted for and you can now scoop your own pair via BrandBlack and Finish Line

brandblack_MN-0002 brandblack_MN-0005 brandblack_MN-0006 brandblack_MN-0003 brandblack_MN-0001 brandblack_MN-0010 brandblack_MN-0013 brandblack_MN-0009 brandblack_MN-0014 brandblack_MN-0008 brandblack_MN-0015 brandblack_MN-0016 brandblack_MN-0011 brandblack_MN-0004

Third World Born Chicagoan pursuing all things pursuable. Follow me on IG: @oscar_castillo


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