Church Of The West

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Apparently Kanye West is taking us to church complete with a full choir and brass section. We’ve now seen glimpses of Kanye classics like Jesus WalksI Wonder, and Father Stretch My Hands via posts from wife Kim Kardashian on Instagram. The soulful renditions spark all the feels for most, but others have deemed it corny.

Responses to the Kanye led gospel jam sessions have been mixed in what’s been a bazaar 18 months in public relations for the Grammy Award winning rapper and producer. Are the Sunday Services held at the West family estate in Calabasas an exercise in self indulgence? Or are they a positive outlet for the ‘Dragon Energy’ era-Kanye to express his faith? That’s for you to decide, but we’re diggin’ it. Soulful Kanye is one of the best Kanyes.

A lot of the criticism is centered around the thirst for a new full-length project from Ye. We want to see where his sound goes next sonically sooo bad. Mr. West’s music has always been heavily influenced by gospel music, and he’s had an affinity towards choirs in his tracks from the jump. At this rate maybe we’ll get a straight up Kanye gospel album!

The West Family has been holding these Sunday Services since the beginning of the year with famous friends like Kid Cudi regularly attending (good to see their beef got settled). From what we’ve seen online the events carry a special sort of vibe with the West children obviously enjoying themselves along with others. Peep the newest vid uploaded yesterday of the House Of West in action below, peaaaceee!

Here’s a collection of some older uploads too.


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