crooked tongues-reebok-insta

To honor the 20th anniversary of the Insta Pump Fury, Crooked Tongues has joined the myriad of collaborators to take their stab at honoring the classic silhouette. Here we see a bold colorway that pays tribute to the 1994 World Cup stylings of Mexico’s Jorge Campos as well as a tie to the Mexico/Brazil native Macaw Parrot. These are hitting shelves now and are a perfect summer sneaker, cop yours now.

crooked tongues-reebok-insta_07 crooked tongues-reebok-insta_06 crooked tongues-reebok-insta_03 crooked tongues-reebok-insta_02 crooked tongues-reebok-insta_04 crooked tongues-reebok-insta_05


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