Daniel Arsham is getting ready for the opening of his latest Pokémon exhibition project, “A Ripple in Time,” coming to venues across Tokyo in February. The New York-based artist first announced his partnership with Pokémon in 2020 and his since launched a Pokémon collection with Uniqlo UT and his own crystallized Pokémon figures. “A Ripple in Time” marks the third gallery exhibition to feature Arsham’s Pokémon work.

“A Ripple in Time” consists of five exhibitions spread across various venues in Tokyo: “A Ripple in Time” at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, “Ancient Power: Hidden in the Ruins” at NANZUKA 2G, “Field Research” at 3110NZ, a public art exhibition titled “Pokémon of Future Past” at 66 Plaza in Roppongi Hills, and a “Hidden within the Tall Grass” installation at the stone garden of Sogetsu Plaza.

Arsham’s works feature a “fictional archaeology” aesthetic, showing how today’s objects may become fossilized 10,000 years from now. This is accomplished through the use of geological materials such as bronze, selenite, and quartz. Pokémon depicted in Arsham’s works include Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Mew, Pichu, Mimikyu, and more.

Along with three-dimensional sculptures, “A Ripple In Time” includes paintings and illustrations, as well as an animated film created in collaboration with Kunihiko Yuyama, the director of the Pokémon film series. This film will star Celebi and was produced over a period of about two years.

“A Ripple in Time” opens at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND on February 12th and runs until March 27th. Check out some of Daniel Arsham’s Pokémon sculptures below.

Photos courtesy of the artist and Nanzuka


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