The original Death Note manga author Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata have teamed up to create a new chapter of their critically acclaimed manga series. The special one-shot is a continuation of the original Death Note manga series, which ended in 2006 and which last had a one-shot chapter in 2008.

The 87-page spin-off features Ryuk, the apple-craving demon, in his return to the human world ten years after Light Yagami’s run as Kira in the original series. He selects a new human, Minoru Tanaka, to become the wielder of the Death Note’s power to kill anyone just by writing down their name. Tanaka decides that instead of using the Death Note, he’s going to sell it to the highest bidder, who may or may not be President Trump.

Head to Viz’s website to read the Death Note: Special One-Shot now for free.


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