END. and Needles are honoring the North American monarch butterfly for their second-ever collaboration, following their inaugural collab in 2020. The capsule, aptly named “Monarch,” pays tribute to its namesake’s Great Migration every year.

Inspired by the beautiful migration from Northeastern America and Canada to central Mexico, the collection revamps Needles’ signature butterfly logo to represent the Monarch. Needles also offers its traditional tracksuit to the collection, complete with orange stripes and zippered pockets. The Japanese brand’s signature mohair cardigan also makes an appearance, featuring four butterflies “migrating” throughout the piece.

The collection also includes a Cabana button-up shirt featuring a zoomed-in wing pattern, the vivid yellow, orange, and black color scheme showcasing Keizo Shumizu’s penchant for bold design. Rounding out the six-piece offering is a long-sleeve mock neck tee and a Bermuda hat.

Prices for the END. x Needles “Monarch” collection range from $135-379 USD. The pieces can be purchased via draw on END. Launches, open until December 31st.


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