Original Story (02/03/20): A couple days ago, a video of Eric Whiteback destroying a Supreme x Meissen hand-painted porcelain Cupid figurine with a resale value of $6,300 USD went viral online.

Back in March when the figurine initially released, the Supreme-aficionado shared a photo of himself on Instagram holding the figurine over the edge of a balcony with the caption “100k Likes and I’ll Drop It 💸💘.” Since then, the post has reached that milestone. Being true to his word, Whiteback recently posted a video of himself dropping and destroying the Cupid figurine.

The video is part of a larger project involving Chicago-based fashion and jewelry designer Kristopher Kites. In a part two to the video, Kites plays a janitor that sweeps up the porcelain pieces before running off with them. Kites then takes the pieces and uses them as centerpieces for his signature chains.

The works of art created from the destroyed Cupid figurine will be available at the Eric Whiteback x Kristopher Kites pop-up in New York City on Saturday, February 8th. Check out the video below and stay tuned for additional info.

Update (02/07/20): Here’s a look at some of the pieces that will be available at the Eric Whiteback x Kristopher Kites pop-up tomorrow. Some of the larger porcelain shards from the Cupid figurine have been repurposed as center pieces for Kites’ jewelry, while the smaller shards are embedded into Cupid Relic trading cards signed by Eric Whiteback. Other Supreme accessories from Whiteback’s collection have also been turned into jewelry, including lighters, bouncy balls, and the Supreme burner phone. The Silver trading cards are priced at $38 USD (Edition of 200), while the Red (Edition of 20) is prices at $88 USD. Prices start at $200 USD for Kites’ chain pieces.


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