extra butter-apparel-copperhead_09

To coincide with their “Copperhead” sneaker collab, Extra Butter are here to give us a look at their accompanying apparel pack, and if you’re a Copperhead fan you’re going to be thrilled. Based around the sneaker bearing the same name, this pack includes a hat, long/short sleeve T’s and socks. The hat and shirts are offered in all-black with that bold blue making some appearances as well, while the socks play off of the grey stripe pattern that adorns the sole of the kicks they’re named for. If you’re trying to “get a fit off” head over and cop the pack today.

extra butter-apparel-copperhead_02 extra butter-apparel-copperhead_03 extra butter-apparel-copperhead_04 extra butter-apparel-copperhead_08 extra butter-apparel-copperhead_07 extra butter-apparel-copperhead_05 extra butter-apparel-copperhead_06


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