Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear

A nice change of pace from the “hey hey look what just came out” that usually consumes the blogosphere, we’re here today to show you this “Illustrated Alphabet”of Footwear. Spanning all lanes of footwear, this collection touches upon dress shoes, women’s shoes and sneakers, highlighting the best of each. To top it off each receives it’s own illustration, all created by Houston, TX based artist Shea Serrano. We’ve got a sampling of the drawing for you here, but you can check out the full alphabet here. More photos after the jump.

Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear_02 Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear_03 Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear_04 Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear_05 Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear_06

Photos via: Four-Pins

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