You’ve ever heard of the expression “You get what you Pay for’ ? It’s certainly not acceptable when it comes to a moldy pair of shoes you paid $160 for. @MatthewMcGnarly apparently purchased a pair of ‘Cavs’ 4s from Champs with the confidence anyone would have walking into a multi billion dollar company, but a huge surprise came when his pair was covered in Mold. Mistake? or Quality Control failure? let us know what you think about this situation.


      • I have 80% of Jordans to release the last two years and have been buying them since late 90’s….. I have never had an issue with a purchase and I know exactly what size I rock in each Jordan, so honestly, I bought these and just kept it moving. I have so many jordans and so many kicks, I dont get THAT excited for shoes anymore unless it is some real heat. These Cav 4’s are dope, but nothing like an OG colorway.

    • most times when ur waiting in line for a release u dont get a chance to open the box and look before u buy. They stack em up behind the counter, u buy, they bag.

  1. SMH JB get you quality up like early retros from 01 anything past that has bad quality Ive seen icier 99 fire reds than 06 versions wtf is that and both worn 5 times. These retros suck. Paint Cracking on BC 3’s what is that? After wearing them 1 time. Concords with patent leather badly cut. Common step up JB

  2. It’s not JBs job to inspect the shoes in china. He should not get the blame for the quality. Blame the manufacture company in china

  3. i got a pair from footaction online and the blue/org near the sole is running somewhat onto the orange paint nutting major or notice-able but def a manufact

  4. Well the whole batch of shoes that were with that pair will become moldy as well I’m pretty sure there will be more pics popping up from the mold


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