When it comes to Washington, DC we tend to think of the White House, museums, and American history. However, this weekend wasn’t your usual visit to our Nation’s capital, it was MLB All-Star weekend and the 3-Stripes brand invited us out for an exclusive look at one of their Creator events, the adidas Baseball Nations Pack , and a chance to chop it up with some adidas All-Stars.

#HereToCreate is what this All-Star weekend was about. For the pre-game warm up, local little league teams were invited to let their creativity flow. Kids were welcomed into an exclusive showroom that was set up as a creative lab and decorated in theme of the Nations Pack. The space was highlighted by a wall of baseballs that spelled out “CREATE.” The young athletes and creators were given blank shirts with options of designs to screen press, as well as decorating their own baseballs to put some color on the “CREATE” wall. Each baseball was a canvas for creativity. Kids expressed themselves whether it was drawing their favorite baseball teams, funny faces, or simply leaving their Instagram handles.

This was being done as a welcoming gift for the adidas Baseball athletes that were flying in for the All-Star festivities. What started as a creative lab during the day for the community, later became a private VIP lounge for the MLB players at night. To top things off, adidas had some gifts waiting for their All-Stars, which included some custom MOET champagne bottles with each player’s name on the bottles. The champagne was placed inside custom wooden packaging that matched the Nations Pack. adidas athletes were also invited to let their creative side out and decorated some baseballs themselves to add the finishing touches to the “CREATE” wall.

We sat down with some players to get insight on their favorite sneakers, music, and more.

Luis Severino (New York Yankees)

-How was life growing up in the DR?
“I mean.. it’s tough, you don’t grow up with a lot of money, work with your family… you also have to work hard on things like baseball and school. That part is tough, but it’s good because when you get here, you get to tell your story to other people on how you made it here.”

-What motivated you, to pursue baseball and leave the DR?
“My family always played baseball. My dad, my older brother, so I grew up always watching baseball. I grew up watching Pedro Martinez pitch, I loved the way he pitched. First, I went only to have fun. I didn’t do it for the money but I saw that I had a chance to be a good pitcher and make baseball a career, so I took it. I think I was 14 years old, so I started to workout and work hard to sign with a professional team.“

-Are you better than your brother?
(Laughs) I hope not… I hope not, I think my brothers really smart and he can be a real good pitcher in the big leagues.

-Favorite adidas Shoe right now?
“Yeezys – they are very comfortable, they look good, and people know what you got when you wear them.”

-What music do you listen to?
“I listen to everything, but hip-hop, rap, latino, everything like that gets me going.”

-What sports besides baseball do you play/enjoy?
“I played a little basketball…. I started playing basketball to get in shape and then worked out for baseball.”

-Can you dunk?
“I can’t dunk. I can shoot the 3 though.”

-Favorite movie?
“Jackie Robinson, Number 42”

-Favorite super hero?
“I’d say Iron man, he’s got a lot of money and great toys. He doesn’t have any powers, but can do whatever he wants.”

Chris Sale (Boston Red Sox)

-Favorite adidas Shoe right now?
“Ultraboost. As a pitcher, I do a lot of running, obviously having the best running shoe helps.”

-Other than baseball, what other sports did you play growing up?
“I played a lot of soccer growing up, I stopped playing soccer when I got into high school to play baseball, played golf growing up too but my main focus was always baseball.”

-Favorite player growing up?
Randy Johnson. He was obviously a tall skinny left hander, you know I always wanted to be like him. Watching him pitch and his competitiveness. He was dominant.

-What motivates you?
“Winning, and I’ve always said this, I don’t know if I love winning or hate losing…. accomplishing that goal, getting to the next step, competing, and getting what you worked hard for. That’s what drives me.”

JD Martinez (Boston Red Sox)

-Favorite adidas Shoe?
“Well it depends, am I trying to be stylish or comfy?…. if I’m trying to be stylish, I like the new Yeezy 350s, the butter yellows. Ultraboosts are the most comfortable ones for everyday.”

-Other favorite sport besides baseball?
“Probably football… I played quarterback in high school… I’ll never forget I was getting blitzed by a linebacker, I threw a pass and my hand got stuck in his helmet. My hand swelled up and all I could think about was I was going to miss baseball season. After that it was no more football. That was my sign right there.”

-Favorite music?
“Depends what I’m doing…. if I’m working out it’s either hip hop or some EDM. If I’m on a boat, it’s usually some reggae or country.

-How do you feel about the Cuban flag being on the shoes?
“It’s exciting, it’s cool… obviously with politics and stuff going down there, it’s one of these situations where you’re proud about it but sad at the same time. I’m proud of my Cuban heritage and roots, I just wish it (Cuba) was better.”

Hunter Greene (Cincinnati Reds)

– Favorite adidas Shoe right now?
“I like the zebra Yeezys, those are dope. I’ll love those forever man, They’re comfortable, I love to wear them, they’re fashionable and you can wear them with anything and they match with everything. Ultraboost are probably the most comfortable. If I’m going walking I’m definitely sporting those. They match everything too and got some funky colors.

-Are you into sneakers?
“Yea, I’m starting to get into it. I’m not a big sneaker head but I love fashion and all of that.”

-What’s another favorite sport of yours?
“Basketball is really fun to watch. It’s cool, I’ve sat court side a couple times especially for Lakers games. To actually hear the players talk and communicate on the court…. I love that for sure, basketball is cool.”

-Lebron or Jordan
“Man that’s a great question, I think it depends on the generation you grew up in. For me, I always saw Lebron play. I didn’t get to see Jordan play I just saw highlights and stuff from the past. For our generation I say 90% people say Lebron. But yea Lebron right now.”

-Favorite type of music?
“Depends on the mood I’m in. Right now it’s 2000’s R&B. Usher, Mary J Blige. On road trips it’s 2000s R&B but pre game I’m bumping Jay Z, Migos, NBA young boy all that stuff.”

-What motivates you?
“My sister was diagnosed with cancer when she was 5, but she’s doing great, she’s doing her thing. That’s one of my big motivators, going out and performing for her, representing for her and the name on my back. That’s the main reason… and then the big leagues man. Everyone wants to play in the big leagues. It’s been our dream since we were young… it’s something we want to do and have a passion for”

When it comes to fusing culture and sports together, adidas does it with ease and authenticity. Their athletes are able to represent their countries and backgrounds proudly. It doesn’t stay on the field either. Being involved in the community; adidas is always looking to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds, not just with clothing and sports but with creativity, confidence, and being yourself. We are looking forward to see all these athletes perform in tonight’s game!


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