Following the release of J. Cole’s “Snow on Tha Bluff” last month, the rapper is back with the release of two new songs from his upcoming album titled “The Fall Off.” The first one “The Climb Back” is produced solely by the artist while “Lion King on Ice” features co-production from T-Minus and Jetson.

On “The Climb Back,” the rapper addresses the nature of having to work in order to get ahead. J. Cole raps, “Everything come back around full circle/Why do lies sound pleasant but the truth hurtful.”

With the other song, “Lion King on Ice,” J. Cole discusses his come up and the hardships and sacrifices he had to make to get to where he is. The ending closes a better note and the last phrase is “I prayed for better days/then found a better me/ I got my head on straight.”

These two songs are now on streaming services as a two-pack single called “Lewis Steet.” Check out the “The Climb Back” and “Lion King on Ice” below and stay tuned for info on “The Fall Off” coming soon.



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