j.crew-new balance-998-red-white-blue
J.Crew are either media geniuses or underestimated the discerning eyes of sneakerheads. “Leaked” on their site recently were these fresh-faced New Balance 998’s that smell awfully lot like an Independence Day themed collab.

No official word yet, but we’re guessing NB didn’t come up with this hotness all on their lonesome, the J.Crew touch certainly appears to be in full effect with a patriotic red, white and blue colorway meeting an earthy brown that is throw-back-tastic. If you aren’t feeling some type of way about these 998’s you either still hold some kind of grudge over the Revolutionary War or are sneaker-illiterate. Stay tuned to MN for the latest on these mystery-Balances and other pending releases.


j.crew-new balance-998-red-white-blue_03

j.crew-new balance-998-red-white-blue_02


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