JohnUNDERCOVER, the sub-label of Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER brand, is releasing a collection of tees and hats that feature a couple of unique twists on the Polo Ralph Lauren teddy bear. The first spin on the classic logo features the bear sporting a mohawk. Instead of holding on to a basketball like the classic logo, the bear is carrying a brain that is leaking blood. The second graphic features a creature wearing a Grim Reaper-style robe that completely hides his face, except for two glaring eyes. He’s seen carrying the Polo bear’s head.

The mohawk graphic is seen on tees that come in blue, white, and grey, while the Grim Reaper graphic comes on pocket tees and adjustable hats. All items in the collection drop Saturday, August 24 at Japan’s UNDERCOVER locations. No word on an online release.


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