The actor, director, designer, and all-around renaissance man Jonah Hill recently spoke with Esquire to discuss his relationship with adidas and why the Three Stripes made the perfect partner.

During the adidas ‘World’s Best Career Day’, Hill spoke to Chicago Public School students about filmmaking, “Directing is like painting a picture from 100 feet away and someone else is holding the paintbrush.” adidas providing Hill the opportunity to interact with the next generation of creatives is one of the reasons that he decided to sign with the Three Stripes.

In fact, Hill almost started his own brand before the adidas deal came along. “It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own brand. I had all these exciting, great people lined up to partner with,” Hill says. “But adidas said they’re not just going to make the product I want from a fashion standpoint, but we’ll also get to do things like we’re doing today, which is actually doing good. They’ve got the resources and the juice, so I couldn’t say no.”

Hill also notes that, as a rule, he doesn’t affiliate himself with brands he does not genuinely like:

 “I really only wear stuff that my friends make. When all these other people, who I didn’t know, started sending me stuff to wear, it was like, ‘Oh, you just want me to get photographed wearing your clothes. I don’t even know you, so I’m not going to do that’”

– Jonah Hill

Co-hosts of the fashion podcast Throwing Fits and the notable founders of Jonah Hill Day Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris gave quotes praising Hill’s style and authenticity in fashion. As Schlossman put it, “That, to me, has always been what Jonah has been about: dressing for yourself, dressing for comfortability, and not necessarily being swayed by trends or hype or looking like he’s in the pocket of the big brands.” In regard to the audience that Hill is appealing to Harris added “It’s the multi-hyphenate guys who aren’t necessarily designers first. It’s not strictly athletic and it’s not just lifestyle for the sake of calling it lifestyle. They’re trying to home in on this independent creative space. I think Jonah is the poster child for that.”

Hill describes the kinds of people his designs would be aimed at, “The big thing for me is less about the athletic, but more about the people that are going out into the world and trying to have creative jobs, and how you can still express your style in that environment.” We got a small taste of what exactly he means with the recent reveal of the Jonah Hill x adidas Superstar.

Read the full story at Esquire and stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for future Jonah Hill x adidas news.

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