Sneakerheads Rejoice! After we announced that Jordan Brand would increase prices on two major Holiday Retro’s , They’ve now made it clear that they would keep prices the same but would only charge $5 more on the Air Jordan 11. Yesterday, the masses became disappointed after hearing about the price increase, but you can now look forward to this holiday season and expect to pay regular price for these two retro’s. Stay tuned with Modern Notoriety and let us know what you think about Jordan Brand’s change of heart.

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  1. im still thinking F–k Nike and JB they have lost their minds!! trust me i believe this happened so they can see where our heads were at..and i DEF think the prices will hit that 200-185mark for GRs i think that was just them getting my minds use to it so then if they do pull the trigger on it they think were be like “oooh well i seen it coming” its just them getting our minds to already have heard it…im telling you! remember i said it!! this is ganna come sooner then later Jb is on i for one am done! price increase on shoes that the quality went down on!?! that’s unheard of!! people pay more money for more of the product! JB is solely making cash off of a name!! comon people open your eyes! they will not stop until we take a stand! #SMH!!!

    • I agree with u, marketing department seeing what they can do. Inflation is one thing but the dollar is not going up that much. I remember tinker in an interview saying if we charge more, lets give them more. I liked his comment, then the cement 4 released with leather that felt like prowings back in the day. The days of quality products inspired by the greatest basketball player is over. Im not even gonna get upset anymore, its just shoe i dont need.

  2. this is fine black cement stays same…and bred xi is up $5..not long as qulaity is decent i am fine with it!

  3. My thoughts on the situation I posted this on facebook a few months ago

    See and this is bullshit I’m talking about ppl wanna say its that and that ruining the sneaker game …. They wanna say its #hypebeasts , poor quality sneakers etc etc when its really the resellers that are destroying it . I mean look it like this shoe companies like Nike and Jordan view eBay, flight club, niketalk and solecollector marketplaces like our Wall Street those three entities decide the after market value and mock up of the sneakers and like the Dow Jones the prices go up and down the White/Varsity Red 6s , Military 4s for prime example or even as far back as the Laneys when no body wanted them they sat on the store shelves were marked down or sent to the outlets. Fast Forward present day were you can’t find a ds of Militarys for under 225 and shocking a ds pair of VARSITY 6s I seen bidding on eBay at 285 the other day and Laneys forget about it you ain’t finding them for under 375. An example of rise and fall in price and value is the DMP package for a while they were going between 1000-1500 then they dropped off to 375-600 now its back up to 1000 , then we have the Concords which were trading anywhere from 375-1200 but after Christmas the hype dropped and now there between 250-400. But most recently this 300 for the cement ivs is shameful and down right fucked I mean come for 300 you get a lot of the higher quality retros from 00-07 for that price hell ive seen VVNDS 99′ 4s for 325 it also makes me wonder will resellers charge 400+ for the Playoffs and Obsidians when they drop ….. Now you may say how does this effect the Sneaker community as a whole easy Nike and Jordan look at these resell prices and see what ppl are willing to pay for sneakers so what do they do like any other company they look to cut production costs and increase profit if anything Nike and Jordan prolly felt fucked over when they looked at the aftermarket and seen people were willing to pay 2 and 3 times the retail price of a sneaker prior to the introduction of the CDPs we were paying between 100-150 for retros. 4s were 115 , 3s 125 , 5s were 135 the most we payed were 150 for the 13s and 14s. Then Nike Guinea Pigged us with the CDPS by charging 310 for the packages which came out to an AVG of 155 per sneaker the CDPs also marked the beginning of poor execution and shotty quality a major of the packages were shit in my opinion with the exceptions of the 10/13 , 6/17 ,7/16 some people like to say the 12/11 as well but personally I was disappointed by the quality and fit of the 11 the rest were disappointing and not executed well the 3s being handsdown the worst followed by the 4s the rest were sub par and below Jordan quality standards this was also the beginning of the bullshit ashy suede personally id a rather seen the white/red 18s then the ashy black ones we received I was also let down by the 1s I wish they’d a did the OG red/white/black Jordan has given us every colorway of 1s but those smfh but I was happy with the “metallics” they dropped . Notice after the CDPS is when the shit quality and let downs begin . Starting with the price hike after the CDPS all retros went to 150 across the board and then later to 160 . Theres also the let downs of the flu game 12s which were horrible imo but I would of copped if they were leather , the barage of terrible 6s that came out, the infrared package let down with the bullshit ashy suede instead of durabuck, the shrinkage of the tongues on the 3s and 5s which is my biggest worry for next yr when all the 5s drop but my personal three biggest recent Jordan let downs are 1. The execution and release of the banned 1s 3. The quality of the Bordeauxs 2. The cheap shit leather they have been giving us its safe to say the game isn’t what it once was were owning a pair of jays meant something now its all over produced bullshit that everyone and they mother have and the Jordan brand seeing no matter what the quality of a shoe they put out is people will cop which is why in the last 3 years the only jays I been copping are the OG cokorways ….. This is just my two cents on the subject

  4. ^ thanks cuh, I just wish cats would realize , us the sneaker community run the market not these corporate jag offs …. Were the reason tbey make millions I think its time we turn the tables on them and tell them enough!!!!

  5. If all who read this never bought nikes ever again, and they raised prices…they still would sell out. If they kept the prices up then those who can afford it would still buy. Just say you can’t afford them. As long a rappers are wearing this shit you’ll buy whatever you can and wait in line for days. Just know there are more who want and can afford the shoes than there is of those who actually get them. Bad quality? You think they do that to save money? No,the price of all leather has gone up. The price of gas means it costs more to ship/make etc. if they keep the same quality from 10 years ago these shoes would already be well over what y’all complaining about. I say raise the prices it’ll weed out all the bums with no jobs and kids that come to the mall and wait in line for 5 hours to spend $160 on shoes. Get real. They changed the release time, why? Too many people are home from 9-midnight then go to the mall the next day and clog it up. Wait in line for a shoe you’ve never seen in person then complain about quality and the big
    Corporation is the bad guy? Nah, just business. Make the 11’s $250, they wouldn’t last 10mins in shelves. I bet everyone in here will still buy Jordan’s.

  6. “pay regular price”

    ^ Please, define regular price.

    I understand economics and am fully aware of inflation, shipping, etc..

    But am unsure about JB’s direction when it comes to satisfying the customers needs, also an economic principle. What we/I are complaining about is the standard of quality that they have continually allowed to be shipped out of their factories and into the hands of the consumers. I was fortunate enough to grow up during the Jordan era and remember what it was like trying to obtain a pair as a kid in GS sizes but now this is getting outright ridiculous. Marked up cost for marked down product? Please explain why

  7. After the Bred 4’s and Bred 13’s (I need to replace my OG’s which I wore out 14 years ago and I want to retire my ’99 retros) I’m out.

  8. Haha satisfy customer need? They sell out in less than 10 mins…When you turn on CNN and see 200 people at the Florida mall at 4pm 2 days before a new color release. What else can they do? Why Would Nike spend more money to make a shoe thats gonna sell out the same way? Almost every time like clockwork. That’s not good business. Not at all. The cost of everything is up and payin $140-180 for shoes is not bad. When foamposites dropped they were $180-$200 back then. Jordan 5’s from 2006 were around $30 cheaper. That was 6 years ago….have you paid attention to what this country has went through in the last 6 years. If you can’t afford them just admit it. Stop killing Nike because business is simply supply and demand. I wish these Yeezy’s were $300+. There would still be a week long campout across the damn world. You ask for it they give it,you keep buying. Since 1972.

  9. this is not even a reduced price. we have not ever paid a retail price of 180 or 200 for the 4s or 11s in these colors so basically its not reduced. not like they came out to be 160 or 180 past few years and now lowered it to be 150 or 170. its just the same price as before.

  10. Correct me if i’m wrong, but weren’t these shoes made with the purpose of accommodating today’s athletes? I’m willing to bet Nike’s R&D (research and development dept) had them designed specifically for the Courts and Black tops and NOT parties, cookouts, weddings, the club etc. I’m almost positive these kicks go through barrage of test to make sure they stand the test of time. Me, I ball in my J’s and I can say without any doubt, the quality is fine! My ankles, calves, shins, and arch’s never seem to complain. They crease, chip away, and once in a while squeak here and there, but women have the same issues with their luxurious heels as well. I think that’s where a lot of the confusion resides @ the moment. All if not the majority of you sneakerheads have forgotten the main purpose of these kicks. (IMO) Somewhere down the line, people got it mixed up that Jordan brand and Nike were “lifestyle” brands and NOT Athletic apparel brands.

    • For $150+ they shouldn’t chip or squeak. I have shoes from 2000+ I wear every few weeks and they still don’t squeak or chip. A brand new pair definitely shouldn’t. It’s about the fact that they get petty about a few dollars but we aren’t supposed to. They take away from us what doesn’t cost them anything. How much more is it to make a pair of shoes Cement Grey instead of Tech Grey or Infrared instead of Varsity Red? Or to put Nike on the back instead of a Jumpman? Nothing. Then they want to increase prices to justify what they are taking. They are going to run their billion dollar business into the ground. It’s about doing right by your customers that make you who you are. Not disrepecting us the way a crack dealer disrespects the fiends who put money in his pocket.


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