Last night the Modern Notoriety crew was in attendance at Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour stop in Chicago, IL, and when it came (for lack of a better word) “rant” time, things quickly turned adidas/Nike/Yeezi. Starting with the phrase “I just got back from Germany this morning” Kanye goes on to compare his meeting at adidas headquarters to winning his first Grammy, his daughter being born, courting Kim Kardashian and dropping his first album. The gems did not stop there, Kanye goes on to saying he “tricked” Nike into letting him make the Yeezy 1’s, as they had originally just asked him to put his lyrics on a pair of Lebron branded kicks. The most interesting piece came as Kanye dropped the phrase Yeez(y or i?)  3, and as to what that means all we can do is wait and see. Kanye puts on a great show, and his sneakers have certainly led people to feel some type of way, so if this latest adidas collab has him pleased, it appears the future will be a bright one as far as Yeezi goes. For the latest on all things Yeezi/Yeezy/Yeezus and more be sure to get in tune with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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