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Kanye West’s adidas collaboration shook the world up in February, and if you’re one of the many looking for some early info you’re in luck. Today we have some pricing figures, and though Mr. West promised affordability, these numbers, if in fact correct (we actually hope not but we have reason to believe they are), are relatively unaffordable in the apparel department. Your hoodies, sweatshirts and the like will run you €390 while knitwear will hit €800 and reach up to €1,500 (don’t do the conversion to USD, you’ll cry). Accessories and outerwear are priced high as well, starting at €450 and getting close to €3,500. If footwear is more your thing you’re actually in luck, the Yeezy Boost 750’s already hit shelves at $350, but you’ll be able to get the Low’s for €190 and the Duck boots for €450. Click through for detailed images and a glimpse at the official apparel logo. These numbers are sure to cause some heated discussions, but at the end of the day, these will most likely fly off shelves. For the latest on everything Yeezy stay tuned to MN.




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  1. This shit looks like something Neo would wear when hes not in the Matrix or some Doomsday/Judgement day clothing after the Terminators came and fucked everyone.

  2. i like yeezy but you could not pay me to wear those outfits. not an adidas fan. i am swoosh n jb only. sorry!


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