The trilogy continues. After making his studio album debut in 2009 with the critically acclaimed Man on the Moon: The End Of Day and following it up in 2010 with Man on the Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager, Kid Cudi fans will soon be treated to the next installment in the series, Man on the Moon III.

Kid Cudi made the announcement today with a teaser video uploaded to YouTube and his social media channels. It starts off with a trip down memory lane, clips from some of Cudi’s Man on the Moon era music videos like Day N Nite and Pursuit of Happiness. It then transitions to Cudi driving up next to a cliff to look at the moon and take a smoke. A clip of a new song is heard as Cudi exits the car.

Cudi has been teetering with the idea of Man on the Moon III for almost a decade now, going so far as claiming that the project would never happen back in 2016. Another project, Entergalactic, was announced in July of last year, though it is yet to be released. It’s possible that both projects are on the horizon. Check out the teaser video above.


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