le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_03

Continuing their streak of dishing out fresh retro heat, Le Coq Sportif is here to give us a glimpse at the Zenith silhouette in two new colorways for summer 2014. Here we see the runners in suede and mesh get doused in your choice of white/teal/green or white/blue/black/red, both get the job done with supreme finesse. Le Coq Sportif has been making waves, but remain underground for now, grab yours before everybody else eventually bandwagons.

le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_07 le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_04 le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_09 le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_06 le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_05 le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_02 le coq sportif-zenith-summer14_08 le coq sportif-zenith-summer14



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